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Team Building Activities on a Yacht Charter

Team Building on Yacht Singapore

5 Team Building Activities (On a Yacht!)

By Tay Yee Shien, Guest Writer for The Epicurean State

Entertaining and energizing corporate team-building occasions that unleash the potential in your organization

Could you imagine bringing your team to a team-building event on a yacht? It is simply the ultimate team bonding venue in the world. Team developmental activities unleash creativity, energize teamwork, enhance problem-solving, and boost the fun. When you and your team bond through collaboration and communication, we allow the opportunity for self and group discovery while opening doors to positivity in any organization. Below are 5 fun corporate activities to set up for an extraordinary and memorable team-building event you can envision!

Shark Tank

Objective: Unconventional thinking, Collaboration, Entrepreneurship, Teamwork

Based on the famous TV show “Shark Tank,” players (aspiring entrepreneurs) pitch an imaginary product in front of a group of “Sharks” (investors) to secure investments. The business model includes a brand name, slogan, business plan, marketing plan, and financial data (predicted sales, market size, profit margins, etc.). The Sharks also have an imaginary pool of money to invest in their ideas. They will ask questions as if they’re evaluating a real business. The team that secured the most investment wins. Optional: View clips from the show for reference! 

Build Bridges, Not Walls

Objective: Creative thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Problem solving skills

Each team is assigned to build a section of a roadway with requirements. The challenge would be for you and your teammates to use materials – such as cupboard paper, dowels, and tape – on a race track. Test your teamwork and build new relationships as players race against the set time to complete their part of the bridge. Connect the sections to form a complete racetrack. Teams are judged on their engineering skills and design. Lastly, we bring out the remote-control cars and take on a mini-Grand Prix!

Prison Escape

Objective: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Communication

You and your team are kidnapped by a group of unknown creatures and locked into an old abandoned prison. The monsters left after locking the cell with a number lock and this is your only chance to escape! Using clues given to you, solve a series of puzzles and figure out the code before the creatures return. Are you and the team quick-witted enough to solve the clues and save yourselves before it’s too late?

Minute to Win it

Objective: Collaboration, Problem Solving

The game comprises an entertaining collection of face-paced challenges where teams use household items in bizarre and wacky games that must be completed in under a minute. They include balloon juggling, moving an oreo biscuit from the forehead to your mouth by contorting your facial muscles, and emptying a tissue box, tissue by tissue, using one hand. Teams must send 2 representatives to play each round to earn points through completing challenges and see your team rise to the top!


Objective: Teamwork, Communication

Using Lego pieces to create a structure, teams have to build a copy of a pre-built design based on a “sneak peak.” A player from your team looks at the Lego structure for 10 seconds and returns to your team. The player then instructs the building of the Lego design. After 1 minute of building the Lego, another player can take a “sneak peak” at the structure for 10 seconds and deliver more guidance. The process repeats until everyone has had a chance to look at it. The first group to complete the Lego design wins.

Thrive, as a Team

Team-building is an excellent way to build a company culture. A team that plays together stays together, thus enhancing the performance and productivity of teams. When we hire great people and invite them to engage in the most meaningful work of their lives, we also give them the flexibility to grow in unconditional ways. Come aboard our yacht charter, where opportunities dock on shore and teams flourish to their fullest potential.

Mentimeter Trivia on Maritime History of Singapore

How to create a Quiz Competition

  1. Click on ‘New Slide’ and look for ‘Quiz Competition’ 

There are two types of Quizzes:

    • Select Answer: Participants have options to choose from, like a Multiple Choice Question.
    • Type Answer: Participants need to write the answer themselves.
  1. Select the correct answer

After you have typed in your question and answer options, you need to determine the correct answer.

    • Select Answer type: Check the box next to an option to mark it as “correct.”
    • Type Answer type: Add the correct answer under “Correct answer to display” as well as “Other correct answers” if there are other acceptable answers.

Customize your Quiz slides

    • Control time to answer 

Under the “Extras” section in your “Content” tab, you will find “Seconds to answer.” You can control how much time participants get to answer each question. 

    • Scoring criteria

Under the “Extras” section in your “Content” tab, you have a toggle for “Faster correct answers get more points.” Either way, incorrect or no answers give zero points.

    • Toggle on: Faster answers get more points; Participants are rewarded between 1000 and 500 points for a correct answer, depending on how fast they submit their response.
    • Toggle off: All correct answers get 1000 points. 
    • When the quiz timer starts

The countdown on the quiz timer can start automatically (when you switch slides) or manually (on your command by pressing Enter). You can change this setting in the “Settings” menu. In the “Interactions” section, you will find a toggle called “Manually start the countdown on Quiz slides.”

    • Add music to your Quiz

You can select different tracks in the “Music” section of the “Content” tab to add sound to the slides.

    • Add a leaderboard

It can be added anywhere in the Quiz and will display the total scores up to that point. It can appear after every question, at the end, or both. The Leaderboards only show the top 10 participants. If you want to know the results for all participants, you can export the results to Excel using the paid plan.

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