Month: February 2020

Does being on a yacht in Singapore seem boring to you? Well, It’s time to think again!

Don’t know what to do on yachts? Here are some ideas you can look forward to!

Do you think that being on a yacht is boring because all you do is set out to            sea?

I think it is time you rethink that! Yacht charters in Singapore are not only for admiring the beautiful sunset and embracing nature,  it is also to explore          new activities and adventures that you can only experience away from the            bustling city.

Yacht charters enable people to bond and connect differently. Activities that you would normally have on shore like Karaoke sessions or Trampolines will be a totally different experience out at sea; It will definitely be an enthralling adventure like none before.

Still thinking of what you can do when you have charted out? Here are some things you can consider! Let’s start off with everyone’s common favourite, karaoke! Yes, most yachts have a karaoke system in a room that can fit a big group to fully enjoy the experience of singing your lungs out at sea. The yacht may not be sound proof, but you sure won’t have to worry about disturbing others! The sky is the limit!

Other karaoke sessions, some yachts also have tables for a classic go at Mahjong. Playing a classic game in a different environment might just change your game.

person riding on personal watercraft

Other than activities on board, you can take a dive or even venture out on kayaks and jet skis. Never been kayaking or Jet Ski-ing before?

Well, here is your chance! Learn to kayak or jet ski along Lazarus and St. John’s Island! These water sports will engage everyone at their own pace; chasing adrenaline and a new adventure.

Of course, not everyone would enjoy such fast paced activities, hence, fishing is also an option for you! Here is an opportunity to go further into sea with comfort and luxury; painting a whole new experience of fishing.

grilled barbecues on black and gray grill

After all the fun, I’m sure you would feel tired but fulfilled and most definitely famished. Well,  get ready to dine with a spectacular view! Imagine going back on board and you smell the aroma of the sizzling Rosemary lamb and Chicken kebab, the freshly grilled fish; it is sure to make your mouth water.

Having a crew on board to help with the BBQ would simply mean that food is made for you, all you have to do is just make sure you have a huge appetite for the exquisite delicacies as you watch the sunset, surrounded by the ones you love. Not only would your stomach be full but your heart too.



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