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Choosing between a new or used yacht to buy? Here’s a guide to help you decide!

Stuck in a dilemma on choosing which type of yachts to buy? Here’s a guide to choosing between a new or used yacht to buy!

Choosing between a new or used yacht to buy.

So you’ve done a few yacht charters, fallen in love with boating, and you are ready to buy your very own boat! You got to decide what kind of boat to buy, where to buy it from, and should you buy used or new ones. There are a lot of factors that go into these decisions, and we’ve written a post about types of yachts here that might help you choose the type of yacht you are interested in. Now, we can help you decide choosing between a new or used yacht to buy.

Pros and Cons for New vs Used yachts:

Pros of New Yachts:

When you buy a new boat, you are guaranteed the latest designs, styles, features and gear. If you’re ordering a customized one straight from the factory, you can even choose the layout and all the extras: upholstery, color, lighting, etc. You don’t need to adapt to someone else’s style, and you can have it exactly just the way you want it.


This is kind of a big deal. Boats are machines, and machines tend to have problems sometimes. This warranty will help you out and save you a lot of money whenever problems do arise. Your new boat dealer should maintain this service relationship with you for at least several years.

There should be no problems with this shiny new boat. You’ll be the first person to drive this new yacht, so there’s no one else’s story or history….just yours! Maintenance should be minimal, and so should problems. All you need to do is enjoy and relax on your new boat.

When buying a new yacht, you can visit several dealerships and choose from tons of new, state-of-the-art boats. There should be many competitors for which to choose, and a lot of quality brands out there!


It should go without saying that a new boat is EXPENSIVE. There may be exceptions to this rule (and you would have to ask yourself very carefully, “why is that new boat so cheap?”), but in general, you will be handing over a lot of money for this new boat.

After handing out a substantial amount of money for this boat, you should understand how quickly it will depreciate. Most boats depreciate by at least 10% in the first year. If you ever decide to sell this boat, do not expect to get a lot of money in return.

If you’re buying from a manufacturer, not a dealer, you will have to wait a while before your customized yacht is finally yours. At the same time, you might not be able to test drive it!

Pros OF old YACHTS:

Saving money!! This is quite an important factor to most people. A used boat will definitely be cheaper than a new one. Someone else has had to cover that depreciation, so you can buy a bigger boat for less money. Plus, you get lower cost per year of ownership.

The boat you’re looking at is available immediately. This is the one you’ll get (unlike a ‘model home’), and you won’t have to wait until a ‘new model’ is available.

Any problems the boat has had have usually surfaced by this point, and should have been dealt with accordingly. For reassurance, you could always get a Marine Survey and have them assess the boat and see what needs to be fixed on the yacht before you buy it.


You could potentially be buying someone else’s problems. Even with a marine survey, there could be some hidden issues that only pops up when you use this boat. Sometimes its one that the previous owner tries to hide intentionally, other times its just an honest problem that happens with boats. However, you now own this boat, and you are responsible for it.

No warranty.

Used boats do not generally come with a warranty or service support, so if a problem does arise, you’re paying out of your own pocket for this. Have we mentioned that boats are expensive? Yes, boats are indeed expensive.

The gear and technology you have on board might not be the latest and the greatest. Depending on how old the boat is, the technology might be from that year, and you might have to spend some extra cash to replace them with the newest gadgets.

Used boats usually need more maintenance than the newer ones. Whether it’s things like the engine, the sails, the fixture or the fittings, these things will need replacing and maintaining sooner and more often than a new boat. This is just something that comes with age.

Boat history might be a bit muddled. If you’re buying this boat from someone you know well, they might be inclined to give you the whole story. But what if the boat is 3rd hand, 4th hand? Does the owner really know all the previous owner’s stories? Its important to know why the boat has been sold so many times!

In conclusion,

there is no right answer here. It really depends on what you want, what you need, and what you think is right for you.

Luckily for you, companies such as The Epicurean State team up with industry leaders to provide you with yacht purchases and yacht management services. If you have any questions, please look at our page here, or feel free to contact us!

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Corporate retreat on a yacht charter? Here’s why you should do it!

Running out of novel ideas to host your companies’ corporate retreats? Here are some reasons why you should have your Corporate Retreat on a Yacht Charter!

Corporate Retreat on a Yacht Charter

Many people underestimate how motivating and inspiring a corporate retreat can be for a team or a company, and the various benefits that come from holding a corporate events. Moreover, having your corporate retreat on a yacht charter be a fun and surprising new event that can bring the whole team together in a new way!

Several of the Benefits of Corporate Retreat on a Yacht Charter include:

Interaction – One of the major benefits of corporate retreats is team building. People may work together for years in an organization, but as soon as they go on an offsite retreat in the sun and have fun, new and everlasting bonds are built. It is a known fact that people tend to be their true self when they are relieved from pressure. Corporate retreats help remove this pressure and let a person open up. Every employee of an organization is considered to be equal on an office retreat. There is no bias or preferences towards anyone. This makes a person feel important and he/she is easily able to get connected and interact with others.

Rewards – Corporate retreats are a good way to reward your employees. An informal announcement of a bonus or an incentive may come as a lovely surprise. Moreover, it will do wonders when the employees are already light headed and in a fun mood. On corporate retreats, management can show their gratitude and appreciation towards their employees through many recreational activities which may be followed with presents.

Goals and Objectives – During office hours, people are not as focused as they are on a retreat. They are their true self and can give great ideas. Moreover, due to bonding and relationships which are built on a retreat, people move in the same direction and start working to achieve the same goals and objectives. This is because after a retreat, not only business relationships but also personal feelings come into play while working in an office.


Here at the Epicurean State, we’ve come up with our own corporate events on a yacht, which we believe is an excellent way to reward employees, foster team building and improve relationships. Being on a yacht can be so much fun, and to many employees its a great way to spend a day. Being out on the ocean, under the sun, and far away from the office can do wonders for a person. It helps them to open up, and allows employees to share this experience forever.

Our corporate events on a yacht include activities specially curated by a professional HRD practitioner, which include various games and exercises specifically meant for bonding and team building.

Some of these activities include:

Hawaii Beach Races
Sandcastle Challenge
Lego Blocks Team Building
Eskimo Greetings
Jacob’s Ladder

Other activities can be personalized and catered to your needs.

For more information, please email and we’d be happy to send you your personalized yacht charter corporate retreat itinerary!

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