safety on a yacht

Number 1 concern when going out to sea: Safety on board a Yacht

Whenever we talk about going on board a yacht or heading out to sea, we always assess if it is safe to do so. And here are some reasons why safety on board a yacht is so important!

Safety on board a Yacht


This is a little something for both boat owners and future renters: Boat safety should always be a number 1 priority!! Whether you are going to charter a yacht, or buy a yacht, this is always the most important factor. Being on a boat can be quite dangerous, especially considering how quickly a good weather can turn into a bad one. Heavy rain, big waves, a strong current, crazy wind…all of these can add up to a disaster at sea, and today we will be sharing with you why Safety on board a Yacht is so important!

Here are a few essentials regarding safety on board a yacht that everyone should follow:

Don’t ever go out on a boat charter by yourself without informing your friends/family/authorities of your plans. Let them know where you plan on going, and when you plan on coming back. This way, if anything goes wrong, they will know where to start when they look for you.

Make sure that your radio on board is working! Your cellphone will not do the trick during an emergency, especially if it gets wet!

Follow the ‘maximum capacity’ rules of a boat! Don’t overcrowd the boat, as it will be very unsafe during a disaster. There is a reason boats have a maximum capacity!!!

Life jackets should always be on board the yacht, and everyone should know where they are and how to get to them. They should be in a very accessible place for everyone. It’s a good idea to have a safety briefing at the beginning of every trip so that everyone knows where to go and what to do in the event of an emergency.

-While on the topic of life jackets, a small child in a life-jacket is very different from an adult in a life-jacket. Parents, this is for you:

** A life-jacket can save your child’s life. Drowning is quick, silent, and often hard to notice, especially in an emergency!**

When it comes to your children, you can never be too safe.

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July 18, 2014