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Corporate retreat on a yacht charter? Here’s why you should do it!

Running out of novel ideas to host your companies’ corporate retreats? Here are some reasons why you should have your Corporate Retreat on a Yacht Charter!

Corporate Retreat on a Yacht Charter

Many people underestimate how motivating and inspiring a corporate retreat can be for a team or a company, and the various benefits that come from holding a corporate events. Moreover, having your corporate retreat on a yacht charter be a fun and surprising new event that can bring the whole team together in a new way!

Several of the Benefits of Corporate Retreat on a Yacht Charter include:

Interaction – One of the major benefits of corporate retreats is team building. People may work together for years in an organization, but as soon as they go on an offsite retreat in the sun and have fun, new and everlasting bonds are built. It is a known fact that people tend to be their true self when they are relieved from pressure. Corporate retreats help remove this pressure and let a person open up. Every employee of an organization is considered to be equal on an office retreat. There is no bias or preferences towards anyone. This makes a person feel important and he/she is easily able to get connected and interact with others.

Rewards – Corporate retreats are a good way to reward your employees. An informal announcement of a bonus or an incentive may come as a lovely surprise. Moreover, it will do wonders when the employees are already light headed and in a fun mood. On corporate retreats, management can show their gratitude and appreciation towards their employees through many recreational activities which may be followed with presents.

Goals and Objectives – During office hours, people are not as focused as they are on a retreat. They are their true self and can give great ideas. Moreover, due to bonding and relationships which are built on a retreat, people move in the same direction and start working to achieve the same goals and objectives. This is because after a retreat, not only business relationships but also personal feelings come into play while working in an office.


Here at the Epicurean State, we’ve come up with our own corporate events on a yacht, which we believe is an excellent way to reward employees, foster team building and improve relationships. Being on a yacht can be so much fun, and to many employees its a great way to spend a day. Being out on the ocean, under the sun, and far away from the office can do wonders for a person. It helps them to open up, and allows employees to share this experience forever.

Our corporate events on a yacht include activities specially curated by a professional HRD practitioner, which include various games and exercises specifically meant for bonding and team building.

Some of these activities include:

Hawaii Beach Races
Sandcastle Challenge
Lego Blocks Team Building
Eskimo Greetings
Jacob’s Ladder

Other activities can be personalized and catered to your needs.

For more information, please email and we’d be happy to send you your personalized yacht charter corporate retreat itinerary!

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July 18, 2014