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Thinking of having a private yacht charter while on a budget? Here’s a guide on how you can do it.

Always think that you can’t have you luxury private yacht charter while on a budget? It’s time to think again.

Yacht charters are often seen as the epitome of luxury travel, as it offers a fun and exciting experience that we can cherish for a lifetime. Many people consider yacht charter an indulgence of the rich but in reality, it is very affordable. The Epicurean State (TES), a Singapore based luxury yacht charter company, hopes to change this mind-set by providing bespoke yacht charter experiences tailored to our clients’ requirements, all at an affordable cost, so that our clients will be able to experience their own private yacht charter while on a budget.

Whether it is for a special occasion or celebration for a significant milestone, people are constantly looking for novel ideas to mark these events. TES have a fleet of luxury yachts that can curate different unique experiences. Guests who love fishing are taken on the Motor Cruiser or Ponga Centre Console for an exhilarating ride to reel in their fresh catch. Bespoke tailored itineraries can be specially crafted for celebratory occasion like weddings on the bigger-sized catamarans. For those who enjoy the sun and the sea, TES also offers a variety of yacht rentals with trips to the city’s Southern Islands, mainly Lazarus and St John Island, where they can enjoy water sports and a hearty barbecue.

Three of TES most popular yachts are the 53ft Catamaran, 40ft L400 S2 Catamaran and 62ft Catamaran.

The luxurious 53ft Catamaran with a seating capacity of 35 guests features a spacious forward sunbathing and entertainment area, expansive deck offering a 360 degrees panoramic view, a roomy lounge with built-in entertainment system and double cabins with ensuite facilities. A 4-hour charter in the 53ft catamaran is priced at $3,850 for 35 pax, with weekend prices at $4,150 for the same number of people. This yacht definitely appeals to those looking for their private yacht charter while on a budget.


The 40ft L400 S2 Catamaran is a beautiful spacious vessel with ample room to relax, large interiors and a wide sundeck. Comfortably accommodating up to 18 guests, this yacht has amenities such as the fully equipped galley, safety equipment, snorkelling masks and inflatable floats – just about all the things that you will need for a relaxing getaway with family and friends. The L400 S2 has a 4-hour charter at $1,200 on weekdays for up to 12 pax and weekends at $1,400 with additional hourly charges wherever applicable.


One of the largest of our fleet, the 62ft Catamaran seats up to 37 guests and is well-equipped with internal saloons, spacious alfresco dining and galley areas, BBQ and kitchenette facilities, double cabins and relaxing sunpads on the fly bridge. Guests can indulge themselves in a wide variety of activities, such as water sports, karaoke and sunbathing. A 5-hour charter begins with $2,750 on weekdays for 23 pax and $3,250 on weekends, overnight charters can go up to $8,000 excluding GST. Furthermore, the 62ft Catamaran has an affordable 5 days’ overseas charter package to Tioman at $18,000 for up to 12 pax. For those not looking to sail out to sea, don’t worry as this yacht also offers dockside charter at $400 per hour for a minimum 5-hour charter on weekdays.


TES seeks to showcase a different side to the city, an indulgence that comes with a very affordable price tag for the ordinary traveller. Contact TES to plan for an experience of a lifetime.

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Qualities of a Catamaran Yacht, here are some pros and cons!

What exactly is this Catamaran Yacht that your friends are telling you about? Here are some qualities of a Catamaran Yacht that will tell you more!

The-62-ft-Catamaran-featured. Qualities of a Catamaran Yacht.

Many yacht enthusiasts will tell you that they are asked this question time and time again: is a catamaran (or multi-hull yacht) superior to a mono-hull? What are the major differences? As yacht enthusiasts ourselves, we thought we would break it down for you! Whether you are buying a yacht, or deciding to charter one, here are the Qualities of a Catamaran Yacht.

Pros of a Multi-hull Yacht (Catamaran)


Because of its multiple hulls, catamarans (and trimarans) have incredible stability. Whether the yacht is anchored or sailing, catamarans rarely roll around and they do not heel under way.
This stability makes catamarans the ideal yachts for first time sailors, elderly people, children, and those prone to sea-sickness.


Catamarans are typically 25-30% faster than mono-hulls of the same size. In addition, Trimarans can double the sailing speed of most mono-hulls. Furthermore, Catamarans have more maneuverability than mono-hulls due to their 2 engines being spread apart.


Catamarans are much roomier than the other mono-hulls of the same size mainly because of their cockpit space, fly-bridge, deck space and below deck space. Catamarans rarely feel crowded since there is ample headroom almost everywhere on board.


Catamarans and their multi-hulled yacht counterparts have incredible stability due to their beam and the extra hulls. Because of this, they have no need for a ballast or a substantial keel, which reduces their weight significantly. This makes them much lighter as compared to the mono-hulls, allowing catamarans to explore shallow waters. Most catamarans can be beached or dried out at low tide.


Catamarans are ALMOST unsinkable. Because they are so stable, harsh weather doesn’t affect it as much as it would affect a mono-hull.

Cons of a Multi-hull Yacht (Catamaran)


While having ample space may be a luxurious trait, finding a spot for the catamaran might be an issue. For hard-core sailors, skippering a catamaran does not give the ‘real’ feel of sailing due to its large size. You don’t feel the boat driving through the waves in the same way that you would with a monohull.


Catamarans do not sail well upwind and need a different technique for tacking and anchoring.


Anchoring a catamaran can be a little more complex. This is due to the fact that catamarans have more “windage” than monohulls, and, without keel and ballast, they have a tendency to “bob” on the water whenever a gust hits.

Leopard 40 Catamaran. Qualities of a Catamaran Yacht.

In Conclusion

Catamarans do seem like they have more PROS than CONS, but it all depends on what kind of yacht experience you’re looking for overall. For new timers, we would definitely suggest chartering a catamaran!

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