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Qualities of a Catamaran Yacht, here are some pros and cons!

What exactly is this Catamaran Yacht that your friends are telling you about? Here are some qualities of a Catamaran Yacht that will tell you more!

The-62-ft-Catamaran-featured. Qualities of a Catamaran Yacht.

Many yacht enthusiasts will tell you that they are asked this question time and time again: is a catamaran (or multi-hull yacht) superior to a mono-hull? What are the major differences? As yacht enthusiasts ourselves, we thought we would break it down for you! Whether you are buying a yacht, or deciding to charter one, here are the Qualities of a Catamaran Yacht.

Pros of a Multi-hull Yacht (Catamaran)


Because of its multiple hulls, catamarans (and trimarans) have incredible stability. Whether the yacht is anchored or sailing, catamarans rarely roll around and they do not heel under way.
This stability makes catamarans the ideal yachts for first time sailors, elderly people, children, and those prone to sea-sickness.


Catamarans are typically 25-30% faster than mono-hulls of the same size. In addition, Trimarans can double the sailing speed of most mono-hulls. Furthermore, Catamarans have more maneuverability than mono-hulls due to their 2 engines being spread apart.


Catamarans are much roomier than the other mono-hulls of the same size mainly because of their cockpit space, fly-bridge, deck space and below deck space. Catamarans rarely feel crowded since there is ample headroom almost everywhere on board.


Catamarans and their multi-hulled yacht counterparts have incredible stability due to their beam and the extra hulls. Because of this, they have no need for a ballast or a substantial keel, which reduces their weight significantly. This makes them much lighter as compared to the mono-hulls, allowing catamarans to explore shallow waters. Most catamarans can be beached or dried out at low tide.


Catamarans are ALMOST unsinkable. Because they are so stable, harsh weather doesn’t affect it as much as it would affect a mono-hull.

Cons of a Multi-hull Yacht (Catamaran)


While having ample space may be a luxurious trait, finding a spot for the catamaran might be an issue. For hard-core sailors, skippering a catamaran does not give the ‘real’ feel of sailing due to its large size. You don’t feel the boat driving through the waves in the same way that you would with a monohull.


Catamarans do not sail well upwind and need a different technique for tacking and anchoring.


Anchoring a catamaran can be a little more complex. This is due to the fact that catamarans have more “windage” than monohulls, and, without keel and ballast, they have a tendency to “bob” on the water whenever a gust hits.

Leopard 40 Catamaran. Qualities of a Catamaran Yacht.

In Conclusion

Catamarans do seem like they have more PROS than CONS, but it all depends on what kind of yacht experience you’re looking for overall. For new timers, we would definitely suggest chartering a catamaran!

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Choosing between a new or used yacht to buy? Here’s a guide to help you decide!

Stuck in a dilemma on choosing which type of yachts to buy? Here’s a guide to choosing between a new or used yacht to buy!

Choosing between a new or used yacht to buy.

So you’ve done a few yacht charters, fallen in love with boating, and you are ready to buy your very own boat! You got to decide what kind of boat to buy, where to buy it from, and should you buy used or new ones. There are a lot of factors that go into these decisions, and we’ve written a post about types of yachts here that might help you choose the type of yacht you are interested in. Now, we can help you decide choosing between a new or used yacht to buy.

Pros and Cons for New vs Used yachts:

Pros of New Yachts:

When you buy a new boat, you are guaranteed the latest designs, styles, features and gear. If you’re ordering a customized one straight from the factory, you can even choose the layout and all the extras: upholstery, color, lighting, etc. You don’t need to adapt to someone else’s style, and you can have it exactly just the way you want it.


This is kind of a big deal. Boats are machines, and machines tend to have problems sometimes. This warranty will help you out and save you a lot of money whenever problems do arise. Your new boat dealer should maintain this service relationship with you for at least several years.

There should be no problems with this shiny new boat. You’ll be the first person to drive this new yacht, so there’s no one else’s story or history….just yours! Maintenance should be minimal, and so should problems. All you need to do is enjoy and relax on your new boat.

When buying a new yacht, you can visit several dealerships and choose from tons of new, state-of-the-art boats. There should be many competitors for which to choose, and a lot of quality brands out there!


It should go without saying that a new boat is EXPENSIVE. There may be exceptions to this rule (and you would have to ask yourself very carefully, “why is that new boat so cheap?”), but in general, you will be handing over a lot of money for this new boat.

After handing out a substantial amount of money for this boat, you should understand how quickly it will depreciate. Most boats depreciate by at least 10% in the first year. If you ever decide to sell this boat, do not expect to get a lot of money in return.

If you’re buying from a manufacturer, not a dealer, you will have to wait a while before your customized yacht is finally yours. At the same time, you might not be able to test drive it!

Pros OF old YACHTS:

Saving money!! This is quite an important factor to most people. A used boat will definitely be cheaper than a new one. Someone else has had to cover that depreciation, so you can buy a bigger boat for less money. Plus, you get lower cost per year of ownership.

The boat you’re looking at is available immediately. This is the one you’ll get (unlike a ‘model home’), and you won’t have to wait until a ‘new model’ is available.

Any problems the boat has had have usually surfaced by this point, and should have been dealt with accordingly. For reassurance, you could always get a Marine Survey and have them assess the boat and see what needs to be fixed on the yacht before you buy it.


You could potentially be buying someone else’s problems. Even with a marine survey, there could be some hidden issues that only pops up when you use this boat. Sometimes its one that the previous owner tries to hide intentionally, other times its just an honest problem that happens with boats. However, you now own this boat, and you are responsible for it.

No warranty.

Used boats do not generally come with a warranty or service support, so if a problem does arise, you’re paying out of your own pocket for this. Have we mentioned that boats are expensive? Yes, boats are indeed expensive.

The gear and technology you have on board might not be the latest and the greatest. Depending on how old the boat is, the technology might be from that year, and you might have to spend some extra cash to replace them with the newest gadgets.

Used boats usually need more maintenance than the newer ones. Whether it’s things like the engine, the sails, the fixture or the fittings, these things will need replacing and maintaining sooner and more often than a new boat. This is just something that comes with age.

Boat history might be a bit muddled. If you’re buying this boat from someone you know well, they might be inclined to give you the whole story. But what if the boat is 3rd hand, 4th hand? Does the owner really know all the previous owner’s stories? Its important to know why the boat has been sold so many times!

In conclusion,

there is no right answer here. It really depends on what you want, what you need, and what you think is right for you.

Luckily for you, companies such as The Epicurean State team up with industry leaders to provide you with yacht purchases and yacht management services. If you have any questions, please look at our page here, or feel free to contact us!

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Corporate retreat on a yacht charter? Here’s why you should do it!

Running out of novel ideas to host your companies’ corporate retreats? Here are some reasons why you should have your Corporate Retreat on a Yacht Charter!

Corporate Retreat on a Yacht Charter

Many people underestimate how motivating and inspiring a corporate retreat can be for a team or a company, and the various benefits that come from holding a corporate events. Moreover, having your corporate retreat on a yacht charter be a fun and surprising new event that can bring the whole team together in a new way!

Several of the Benefits of Corporate Retreat on a Yacht Charter include:

Interaction – One of the major benefits of corporate retreats is team building. People may work together for years in an organization, but as soon as they go on an offsite retreat in the sun and have fun, new and everlasting bonds are built. It is a known fact that people tend to be their true self when they are relieved from pressure. Corporate retreats help remove this pressure and let a person open up. Every employee of an organization is considered to be equal on an office retreat. There is no bias or preferences towards anyone. This makes a person feel important and he/she is easily able to get connected and interact with others.

Rewards – Corporate retreats are a good way to reward your employees. An informal announcement of a bonus or an incentive may come as a lovely surprise. Moreover, it will do wonders when the employees are already light headed and in a fun mood. On corporate retreats, management can show their gratitude and appreciation towards their employees through many recreational activities which may be followed with presents.

Goals and Objectives – During office hours, people are not as focused as they are on a retreat. They are their true self and can give great ideas. Moreover, due to bonding and relationships which are built on a retreat, people move in the same direction and start working to achieve the same goals and objectives. This is because after a retreat, not only business relationships but also personal feelings come into play while working in an office.


Here at the Epicurean State, we’ve come up with our own corporate events on a yacht, which we believe is an excellent way to reward employees, foster team building and improve relationships. Being on a yacht can be so much fun, and to many employees its a great way to spend a day. Being out on the ocean, under the sun, and far away from the office can do wonders for a person. It helps them to open up, and allows employees to share this experience forever.

Our corporate events on a yacht include activities specially curated by a professional HRD practitioner, which include various games and exercises specifically meant for bonding and team building.

Some of these activities include:

Hawaii Beach Races
Sandcastle Challenge
Lego Blocks Team Building
Eskimo Greetings
Jacob’s Ladder

Other activities can be personalized and catered to your needs.

For more information, please email info@theepicureanstate.com and we’d be happy to send you your personalized yacht charter corporate retreat itinerary!

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Number 1 concern when going out to sea: Safety on board a Yacht

Whenever we talk about going on board a yacht or heading out to sea, we always assess if it is safe to do so. And here are some reasons why safety on board a yacht is so important!

Safety on board a Yacht


This is a little something for both boat owners and future renters: Boat safety should always be a number 1 priority!! Whether you are going to charter a yacht, or buy a yacht, this is always the most important factor. Being on a boat can be quite dangerous, especially considering how quickly a good weather can turn into a bad one. Heavy rain, big waves, a strong current, crazy wind…all of these can add up to a disaster at sea, and today we will be sharing with you why Safety on board a Yacht is so important!

Here are a few essentials regarding safety on board a yacht that everyone should follow:

Don’t ever go out on a boat charter by yourself without informing your friends/family/authorities of your plans. Let them know where you plan on going, and when you plan on coming back. This way, if anything goes wrong, they will know where to start when they look for you.

Make sure that your radio on board is working! Your cellphone will not do the trick during an emergency, especially if it gets wet!

Follow the ‘maximum capacity’ rules of a boat! Don’t overcrowd the boat, as it will be very unsafe during a disaster. There is a reason boats have a maximum capacity!!!

Life jackets should always be on board the yacht, and everyone should know where they are and how to get to them. They should be in a very accessible place for everyone. It’s a good idea to have a safety briefing at the beginning of every trip so that everyone knows where to go and what to do in the event of an emergency.

-While on the topic of life jackets, a small child in a life-jacket is very different from an adult in a life-jacket. Parents, this is for you:

** A life-jacket can save your child’s life. Drowning is quick, silent, and often hard to notice, especially in an emergency!**

When it comes to your children, you can never be too safe.

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The bottom of your yacht, is it actually important to maintain it?

Whenever we go on board a yacht, we are always enthralled by the beauty of its exterior designs and interior features, but what about the bottom of your yacht?

Attention all yacht owners! Although you might not always see the bottom of your yacht, it’s definitely something you need to keep your mind on at all times. The salt and marine growth can really deteriorate the paint on a boat, and its important to have a clean hull at all times in order for your boat to be safe, fast, and efficient!

The bottom of your yacht

For people who aren’t well versed with boat paints, this task might seem a bit overwhelming. Especially since there are so many factors that go into bottom paints, such as soil and water pollution protection measures, application techniques, and environmental regulations.

Here are some information that we have obtained from GetMyBoat as a reference to help you familiarize yourself better regarding bottom paints.

A regular regiment of hull washing and inspection after every use is the short-cut way to avoid costly and tedious bottom painting efforts. Even with attentive maintenance, the hull will eventually need repainting. Keep an eye out for paint that is cracked, excessively faded, or peeling.

Sloughing or ablative bottom coatings contain biocides that kill marine organisms, like barnacles and algae and are formulated to “ablate,” or gradually wear off, exposing a fresh layer of biocide. Ablative anti-fouling paint will not lose its effectiveness even if the boat is stored out of the water.

A range of other biocide compounds and materials are available in modern bottom paints. Their application depends on the type of hull and whether the boat is used in salt, brackish or fresh water, how frequently the boat is underway, where it is stored, and to a certain extent, the region of the country where the boat is used.

To prepare for a bottom painting project, determining the type of paint on the hull may take some detective work, especially if the boat was bought used. If the hull paint is unknown but a new coat is needed, applying a tie-coat primer prepares the unknown surface and allows a new coat of any anti-fouling paint to be applied.

Especially if the hull is of fiberglass construction, you can prepare the hull for painting by blasting with environmentally-friendly materials like walnut shells, baking soda, glass beads,or corncobs.
You should always closely follow the manufacturers’ instructions and safety precautions when applying new paint and removing paint already on the boat.

Use plastic sheets under the boat to collect paint chips, sanding residue and drips and of course, don’t forget to dispose the waste material responsibly.

Optimal painting conditions are at temperatures between 50-80 degrees and when relative humidity is below 65%.

Safety, Tip & Tricks

  • Wear protective clothing, especially for the eyes and hands, and a mask to protect your lungs.
  • Painting with a zinc or a copper biocide is best for aluminum hulls or stern-drives.
  • Modified epoxy paint is the best for boats that are used infrequently because it contains good anti-fouling properties, especially when the boat is inactive.
  • For boats in the water year-round, a high copper-content modified epoxy paint that prevents growth by leaching biocides upon contact with water will be the best. This type of paint releases the biocide at a decreasing rate, leaving the hard coating of the original thickness.
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Why charter a yacht? Here are the TOP 3 reasons as to why you should charter a yacht!

Can’t find the reason as to why charter a yacht? Here are the TOP 3 reasons to tell you why chartering a yacht out to sea is the best experience ever!

When most people think of yachts, several terms come to their mind: luxury, fun, ocean, maintenance, and most importantly, EXPENSIVE. However, nowadays, thanks to companies like The Epicurean State, yacht charters have become way more accessible, making it much easier for people to enjoy a luxurious day on the waters, without all of the expenses and hassles of owning a yacht.

L45. why charter a yacht.

Here are our top three reasons as to why charter a yacht!

 – Yachts are Expensive –

There are tons and tons of expenses that come along with owning a yacht. First and foremost, buying a yacht will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Obviously, yachts are not cheap (and a cheap yacht is a dangerous yacht!) and of course, the up-front payment is no joke. After this, the expenses do not stop. There is constant maintenance, petrol, crew and storage. The list goes on and on, and the cycle continues.

When you rent a yacht, you only pay for the trips you go on – so no up-front costs, no maintenance costs, no storage….you get the picture.

 -There are so many different yachts for the different occasions –

As mentioned in the previous post, different occasions call for different boats. After investing so much money and time into buying a yacht, it stands to reason that you should use that one yacht as often as possible.

Renting a yacht means you can choose a different one for any occasion! The possibilies and options are endless, and if you do more than one trip, you get a totally different experience each time!

 -Going yachting takes a lot of planning and organizing-

Whenever you plan a trip on your yacht, there are several factors that go into the planning: making sure the weather is fine, plan an itinerary, check that the yacht has been maintained properly and has petrol, plan for food, find a crew or captain (if you’re not licensed), and this is to just to name a few.

In Conclusion,

if you are planning to rent a yacht, companies like The Epicurean State do all of this for you! All you need to do is select the dates, the yacht, and the destination, and we can come up with an itinerary and sort out all the other problems for you! It’s a worry free and totally simple way to get yourself on a yacht and enjoy for the day.

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Ever wandered what kind of yacht to charter out to sea? Here’s a guide to show you how!

Interested in having some family bonding time on board a yacht out at sea? Or perhaps you want to host your corporate events on board a luxury yacht? Here’s a guide to show you how to choose what kind of yacht to charter out to sea!

What kind of yacht to charter.

This is the most basic question every first time yacht charterer should ask him/herself. There are so many different types of yachts out there, and its important to know which kind of yacht best suits your needs. This guide will show you how to choose what kind of yacht to charter out to sea!

The first and most important question you should ask yourself is this: “What purpose are you renting this yacht for?” There are quite a few occasions for yacht rental: fun and parties, corporate events, sailing, fishing/diving, family time (just to name a few). Once you decide on the purpose of the yacht charter, you can decide on what kind of yacht to charter!

Fun/Parties/Family Time

This would probably be the most common reason for people who rent a yacht. They want to have fun, they want to spend time with their friends and family, and they want to enjoy the beautiful scenery that the ocean has to offer. This category would definitely be suitable for the largest range of yachts, from single hulled, catamarans, and trimarans. The essentials that they will need are: space, cooking facilities, outdoor areas, comfort level, and bathrooms. These larger yachts will usually be very accommodating of children as well, though it is always important to check regarding the features of each specific yacht.


For the more adventurous group, speedboats are a great option for exploring and having fun. Though smaller and less comfortable than their larger counterparts, they do still generally have bathrooms and seats, and their small size and speed ensures a wild ride for everyone on board.

Fishing Boats

Fishing boats are usually fitted with a platform or a trough in their design, giving you space to cast out and reel in your fish. While usually not the most glamorous of boats, they can still be quite spacious and fun to enjoy in with the right crowd.

Corporate Events

Corporate events tend to be include groups larger than average family get-together, so a larger vessel would be the safest option. A lot of space is important here (you don’t want to be crammed inside a stuffy room with your boss all night!), so are the kitchen or catering facilities, and this is to ensure that everyone gets fed right. Many yachts also have projectors, dance-floors, and karaoke system features installed, making it more convenient for presentations and embarrassing Monday morning stories.

In Conclusion,

whatever the reason for renting a yacht, you can be assured that its going to be an amazing time on board. Here at The Epicurean State we have an incredible fleet to choose from, and you’re sure to find a yacht that suits your needs! It will be our pleasure to advise you on what kind of yacht to charter!

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A guide for yacht owners who are interested in renting out your yacht!

Have a yacht that you don’t use often? Want to earn some extra cash as well? Here is a guide for yacht owners who are interested in renting out your yacht!

Luxury yacht. Renting out your yacht.

Being a boat owner certainly has its own obvious perks, and renting out your yacht is definitely one of them! It is a great way to make sure that your yacht doesn’t spend too much time berthed or parked on land (especially if you don’t take it out very often), and it is also a great source of side income!

Important things to remember before renting out your yacht to the first person who responds to your ad:

1. Make sure you have the right insurance

Before putting out the advertisements for your yacht rental, you need to find out if chartering your yacht is covered under your boat owner’s and/or private boat property insurance policies. This depends on your insurance carrier. If your current insurance policy does not cover accepting payments for use of your yacht, you can purchase additional boat owner’s insurance from other providers. This is extremely important!

2. Check that your boat is seaworthy.

If you use your boat quite regularly, this shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you have been keeping your yacht in storage, and perhaps 5 years later, decided to earn some money by renting it out, you might want to check that it will still function properly while in the water. Send it in for maintenance, keep all records on hand, and make sure that it is clean!

3. Know who your renters are

Because most transactions are done through the Internet these days, it is vital to know who you are renting your boat to. A deposit is a good way to protect yourself. Meeting with the renter will definitely be the best option.

4. Rental Agreements

Make sure that your rental agreements cover all of the important facets of the transaction. This is to protect both yourself and your potential customers.

In Conclusion,

of course renting out a yacht can be a scary notion for a person, especially for a first timer, but yacht charter companies make this process smooth and easy! Here at The Epicurean State, we partner with many yacht owners who trusts us to take care of these transactions for them! If you’re interested in renting out your yacht but don’t know where to start, send us an email at info@theepicureanstate.com and we’ll help you get started right away!

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